What is Acro?

Acro, short for AcroYoga or Acrobalance is a blend of partner acrobatics, asana yoga poses, and weight sharing movement from healing practices like Thai massage, and dance disciplines like contact improv. Typically there is one flyer, and one base who work together. The base is usually in an “L-shape,” and the flyer can be active, meaning their muscles are engaged, or passive. In both cases, the base is responsible for all of the weight of the flyer.  The three main forms are static poses (staying in one position), flows (move through a series of static poses without the flyer touching the ground), and washing machines (a flow that ends in the same pose it begins, meaning it can be repeated over and over again.)  The process of flying and basing together is often referred to just as ‘play.’ Acro Yoga is a great tool for adults to reconnect with a sense of play and have heaps of fun doing a physical trusting activity.

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga is similar to AcroYoga in that there are usually two people who engage in modified yoga asana poses, though with partner yoga, both participants are on the ground. Using a partner in modified yoga poses often allows the partners to go deeper into poses, either using more strength, or gaining further flexibility.


“Julianne is an amazing teacher! The energy she brings to the class is always what makes me want to play. She is very encouraging for me to do things I didn’t think I was capable of.”

– S.M, Olympia, WA / Monday All-Level, Motion in Balance

“Julianne is so awesome. She is an inspiration for me. “

– Andrea Grant, Santa Barbara, CA / Former student at Breathe

“Prior to Acro Yoga, I had never believed I could do a handstand. While partnered with someone who is sharing the intention, the act of balance becomes beauty, necessity, and shared challenge. Julianne brings patience and expertise to her Acro class. In one session she will lead a group of people through a series of fun exercises that flow from introductory to personally challenging, providing support and demonstrated tips throughout. It’s very personal experience received in a group!”

– Mary K , Olympia, WA / Monday All-Level, Motion in Balance

email: julianne@acrojules.com
FB:     julianne panagoddess

Olympia Acro FB


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