Julianne has been flying and basing for more than six years. She has travelled all over the country learning from yogi, and circus stars and getting really good at working with folks with all kinds of ability levels and bodies. She brings her passion for practicing Acro to her students and has helped develop the Olympia Acro Community with her commitment to inclusivity and sharing this practice. She loves Acro because it required connection and engagement to create shapes and builds trust and balance, while strengthening relationships.


I am committed to a safe and fun acrobatic practice. It is very important for my classes, and workshops to be inclusive for all kinds of bodies and people. I encourage clear and positive communication: This means asking for what you want and need! I use spotting and teaching cues to break moves down, encouraging students to try new material within their comfort level. I hope that my patience and open-mind will inspire community growth and lots of acro all over Olympia and beyond. I love to teach and I hope to welcome you to the acro community!


email: julianne@acrojules.com
julianne panagoddessside star over lake

Olympia Acro FB


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